Connections – A Local Meeting Room and Personal Financial Freedom

After 30 years in corporate America, Neva Smith saw too many people receive pink slips.

Neva knew all too well that it didn’t matter how hard someone had worked.  Nor did it matter how much they had invested in their jobs.  Everything could come to an end with one piece of paper. That’s why after her official retirement, Neva began to look for a way to help people to find their Plan B and to learn to support themselves. The New Jersey native turned Floridian tried several businesses before she found the perfect vehicle for her desire to help people succeed.

Neva Smith

The Answer was

“My main goal and purpose is to help others succeed – to educate, empower and train as many people as possible. I give them the opposite of a pink slip,” Neva shares.

Neva trains individuals on the basics of trading on the FOREX (foreign exchange) markets. Through her affiliation with iMarketsLive, she helps people to earn while they learn. She provides the online and phone tools they need to make informed decisions and evaluate their trades. Eventually, they support themselves and create independent income. iMarketsLive has over 100 training videos online. They offer basic-to-advanced training modules to learn how to master the market. And they provide FOREX and cryptocurrency education.

“We provide online training, videos and online courses”, says Neva. “But I have always been a big believer in looking people in the eye, shaking their hands, and answering their questions.” For this reason, Neva decided to hold training sessions in her home.  But as the business grew, it became evident that she needed to find a facility with meeting rooms to hold her ever-growing educational seminars.

A Local Meeting Room Expands Her Reach

“A realtor in Lakeland told me about My Office & More”, said Neva. “I visited and absolutely loved the facility – it had everything I needed to hold my training sessions. The AV equipment and televisions on both sides of the room allow me to present the material clearly and effectively; and the two smaller breakout rooms work perfectly for more private conversations. The setup is just great.”

Neva was impressed with the convenient downtown location and the professional atmosphere. Indeed, these qualities are important for her weekly meetings, which now host as many as 40 people per event. Furthermore, she mentions that much of the charm of My Office & More lies in the warm hospitality of owner Kate Lake, who shares Neva’s dedication to the success of those who come through her doors.

Like Neva, Kate takes a personal interest in every person who comes to her for information and assistance. My Office & More is more than coworking space, more than a local meeting room or a private desk – it is a place to come and share ideas, strategize solutions, and achieve more and more success.

Just ask Neva.

Don’t Wait Another Day

For more information on iMarketsLive, FOREX trading and Neva’s next training session, contact Neva at, or call her directly at (732) 397-8301.

For more information on how My Office & More can help your business to grow, contact the team at (863) 333-5120 or visit us at 122 E. Main Street in Lakeland. We’ll provide the Patriot Coffee.