Connections – Software & Lakeland Meeting Rooms

Dave Kramer is a self-admitted serial entrepreneur with a taste for success.

The California native has spent his life building many profitable businesses.  A business coach at heart, Dave thrives on helping small business owners grow their companies and manage all facets of their operations. His latest business and passion is AllProWebTools, a workflow software company which he started in 2009.

AllProWebTools Finds a New Home

Two years ago, Dave was looking to fulfill a dream of his own and move to Florida. He began looking for a small-business-friendly community. After exploring Orlando for a short time, Dave discovered the smaller, tightly-knit community of Lakeland. He felt the downtown area and the business networking atmosphere it provided would be the perfect new base of operations for AllProWebTools.

AllProWebTools was born in a familiar way.  One of Dave’s business coaching clients had a software development need and Dave wrote the code to solve the problem. The client loved it so much, they began to add additional functional features. Soon, Dave realized that this dynamic software product, built largely on user feedback, would be a great product for other small companies. The business was on its way!

AllProWebTools provides comprehensive software for small businesses to manage everything from email marketing to customer management (CRM). Solutions include tools for increasing sales and productivity. Aids for enhancing operations such as shipping, time cards, and payroll are also included.  The software empowers business owners to have complete control of their operations which sets businesses up for faster growth.

This “business in a box” gives entrepreneurs the powerful software tools they need on a scale designed just for them with a reasonable price point to match. And one of the most remarkable differences with AllProWebTools is the personal support that is available.  Customers connect with support specialists through built-in video conferencing and screensharing technology.

The My Office & More Connection

Dave met My Office & More’s owner Kate Lake at a local business networking event. “She was so friendly and easy to talk to,” Dave says. “I rarely meet someone so accommodating, willing to share her space and her vision with open arms.” Dave remembers walking through the downtown Lakeland workspace with amazement. “It was clear the immense amount of work which had gone into the retrofitting of the office space, ” he recalls. “The attention to detail was incredible.” Between their personal business connection and the appeal of the facility, Dave knew that he had found something special. Kate did as well, as she eventually  opted to move her business onto the AllProWebTools platform.  She has been thrilled with the way the software tools have helped her business to grow.

In additional to maintaining a corporate mailing address at My Office & More, Dave uses the Lakeland meeting rooms for educational and networking events. His annual launch party was held in March 2019 in the first floor meeting rooms. “Kate allowed us to completely transform the space and it was an awesome event.”

Meeting Room Before Decorations

Meeting Room After Decorations

Dave and Kate are kindred spirits in a way – both committed to the success of small business and local business people. And you will find that entrepreneurial, networking spirit permeates throughout My Office & More.

Just ask Dave.

Ready to Jump Start Your Small Business?

For more information on workflow software for small business, visit AllProWebTools or text 970-612-1515.

For more information on virtual offices, Lakeland meeting rooms, or office space for rent in Lakeland, contact the My Office & More team at (863) 333-5120 or visit us at 122 E. Main Street in Lakeland. While you are there, be sure to visit Divicious Deli and Coffee Shop located just downstairs – you won’t be sorry!