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Connections: Conference Rooms & Building Bridges

Chrissanne Long believes great things happen when people come together in community.

Along with her husband Craig Hosking, Chrissanne runs Maximize Digital Media, a full-service digital marketing and web design firm based in Lakeland.  The company works with businesses of all sizes, providing web design and online presence strategies to their diverse client base. Their comprehensive services not only encompass design and SEO, but email services, blog writing, and more. Maximize Digital Media is known for identifying and developing young, talented professionals.  These designers keep designs relevant and effective.

BRIDGE Local Makes a Connection

It Started With Lakeland Business Leaders

Chrissanne not only helps businesses grow online – she helps them connect to the local community.  She and her husband have a heart for connecting people through networking.  They strive to provide opportunities for local business owners to grow and develop as leaders.

In 2010, Chrissanne and Craig founded Lakeland Business Leaders (LBL).  LBL started as a way for businesses to connect with each other and the local community using Facebook.  Having successfully met a significant local need, the group soon grew into a thriving community.  But Chrissanne realized that the online conversations weren’t sufficient to produce the deep connections needed to build the local community.  So LBL supplemented the online conversations with weekly and monthly meeting opportunities where face-to-face relationships were built.  As a result of these efforts, LBL developed fruitful referrals, networking, and collaboration within the local community.

It Grew into BRIDGE Local

In 2019, the group was rebranded to better serve the community and “bridge” gaps among customers, companies, and resources.  Now known as BRIDGE Local, the organization embraces and expands upon the same values as LBL.  And they continue to advocate for  collaboration.  Fundamentally, BRIDGE Local understands that small business and entrepreneurship represent the backbone and strength of Polk County.

BRIDGE is an acronym for Building, Renewing, Inspiring and Developing Generous Entrepreneurship. BRIDGE Local is a fierce advocate for the area’s local entrepreneurs and small businesses, and they found a kindred spirit in My Office & More’s founder, Kate Lake.

More than Conference Rooms

Chrissanne shares that “When My Office & More was about to open, I toured the site and was impressed by what Kate was creating.  It was obvious she shares our desire and vision to support the local business community.”  Consequently, Chrissanne’s team was delighted to have a like-minded space for their annual meeting and team building sessions.

“It’s important to choose a meeting place that has the right atmosphere.  When people are invited into a meeting space, the space communicates the tone and expectations for the meeting even before the attendees sit down.  That’s why we’re careful when we choose a meeting location.  We always want our staff to know how valued and appreciated they are,” says Chrissanne.  “We find this meeting space is welcoming to a broad range of people.  As a result, the diversity enables entrepreneurs to captivate, encourage, and inspire others.”  With this in mind, My Office & More is the perfect professional venue for a variety of member events and meetings.

The Connection Produces Synergy

Not surprisingly, Kate is an enthusiastic member and supporter of BRIDGE Local.

The synergy between the two entrepreneurs is evident.  Kate is known for her enthusiastic support and the camaraderie she shares with her Members.  And Chrissanne continually creates an environment in which the local small business community thrives.

The spirit of collaboration the two women exude is replicated throughout the Lakeland and Polk County business community.  The region attracts and encourages business owners and entrepreneurs who enjoy helping others – even find joy in doing so.

Just ask Chrissanne.

For more information on digital marketing and design services, contact Maximize Digital Media through their website, or call 863-837-4023.

If you want more information about joining BRIDGE Local or attending a network event, visit their website or call (863) 606-5995.

To learn more about renting Lakeland conference rooms, call the My Office & More team at (863) 333-5120 or visit at 122 E. Main Street in Lakeland.

Connections: Global Vision & Executive Office Space

Latisha Anderson has encouraged a lot of women in her life.

Having emerged from a difficult upbringing of abuse and self-doubt, this Florida native empowers others through her testimony and story. But looking in the mirror one day, she realized that she hadn’t embraced that encouragement and empowerment in her own life. “Staring myself in the face, I truly saw myself for the first time. And the inspiration hit in a moment.  I had to embrace my own UGLY if I wanted to train others to move on from traumatic experiences.”

EYU is a Movement

While many people teach you to move away from pain, Latisha teaches people to embrace it. “In order to embrace something, you have to bring it in close, really deal with it,” she shares. “I help people to authentically feel pain so they can finally rise above it. ”

UGLY is an acronym, which stands for Unique, Genuine, Love, & (simply) You.  Now a Certified Life Coach and motivational speaker, Anderson guides women in the process of dealing with and releasing the pain which is holding them back in life. But it doesn’t end there.  By the end of her sessions, she challenges women to draw up a plan of action to bring their dreams into reality. In this way, she works towards empowering them, not just motivating them in the moment. And she cheers for them every step of the way. “If a person does not take back their authority as well as their right to envision and bring their own dreams to fruition, they have not been empowered.  They were simply encouraged,” she shares. “We empower people to act and succeed.”

The EYU Vision Goes Global

Latisha and her husband Kevin will soon be embarking on a global journey . . . helping people worldwide to Embrace their UGLY. Through private sessions and group seminars, the Lakeland couple is expanding their positive message of empowerment and responsibility. They work with local governments, group homes, and community centers in diverse countries. Their sessions are free and have no strings attached. They are funded by sponsors who believe in their mission, including Kate Lake of My Office & More.


Lakeland Executive Office Space Becomes Home Base

Kate and Latisha met at a SCORE meeting held at the Lakeland office space, and the two like-minded women quickly became friends. Latisha uses the location as a professional executive office space to meet with clients.  In addition, she enjoys holding workshops with local women in the professional meeting rooms. In fact, she loves the trendy offices and atmosphere so much, both her professional photos and promotional videos were shot on site. As Latisha expands her vision and her reach, the My Office & More administrative team will play an instrumental role.  When Latisha travels from Lakeland to points around the globe, her “team” will manage her mail and communicate important information. In this way, having a local business center presence will allow her to pursue her international scope.

“I was sitting with Kate at My Office & More when I learned I passed my exams and was now a Certified Life Coach,” says Latisha. “Kate – and this place – are an integral part of this journey.”

The Right Meeting Space is a Powerful Resource

If you are a small business owner or entrepreneur with a big vision, you know that presenting the right image is critical. But executive office space and meeting rooms can be expensive, and the process of running your own seminars difficult.  At My Office & More, you’ll find Lakeland coworking space, private offices, and meeting rooms with all the state-of-the art technology you’ll need at affordable rates. But perhaps more importantly, you’ll find yourself among other professionals who support your goals, celebrate your victories, and send you out into the world to succeed even further.

Just ask Latisha.

For more information on EYU, to learn more about sponsorship, international events, or perhaps to speak with them about booking a session, visit their website.

For more information on Lakeland executive offices and meeting rooms for rent, call the My Office & More team at (863) 333-5120 or visit us at 122 E. Main Street in Lakeland.  The Patriot Coffee is on us.

Connections: A Business Startup & Coworking Space

As a Senior Director of Marketing at a Lakeland advertising agency, Austin Cline grew his skill set in a corporate environment. But he’s never lost his entrepreneurial spirit. Austin knew one day he would step out and start his own marketing company.

The vision came to life in 2018 when Austin unveiled ASUN Digital – a digital marketing company specializing in the B2B sphere. He and his team help businesses experience dynamic growth by concentrating on focused brand strategy and web design. “Strategy for business-to-business (B2B) sites is different than business-to-consumer (B2C) sites,” explains Austin. “Today’s market demands that you capture attention, build memorable brands, and cultivate relationships. With this in mind, ASUN Digital partners with companies and helps them to succeed in those efforts.”

It Began in a Lakeland Coworking Space

When Austin first started the company, he knew he could work from his kitchen table. But he decided that he wanted to be in a creative environment, around other entrepreneurs. Instead of isolating himself at home, he wanted to find a space where he could have all of the amenities of a professional office. In addition, he wanted the opportunity to collaborate with other business-minded individuals.

Austin had experience working with My Office & More in his previous position at the ad agency. They had contracted with the provider when they needed some extra desks and meeting space for a team to work. Because Austin was familiar with the building, the features, and amenities, he knew that the entrepreneurial environment of the space would make the perfect first office for ASUN Digital.

“When you start up a new business on your own, things can seem foreign. You can feel a bit lost,” Austin admitted. “By choosing to have a dedicated desk in a Lakeland coworking space, I surrounded myself with local business people on the same journey. It was a highly conducive work environment and was a great choice for my new company.”

The Growth of ASUN Digital

Within months, Austin and his wife decided to join their two independent companies into one. As a result, the team immediately needed to hire additional personnel. The company was growing, and it was time to move out of the My Office & More space and into a larger Lakeland office. “To this day, Kate will send referrals to me. Being in this cool workspace was a great experience. I recommend it to anyone looking for a local place to network, collaborate, and succeed,” Austin adds.

Kate Lake, owner of My Office & More, shared her insight regarding Austin’s success and his move away from the facility. “The people who come here to work are like a family to me. It’s great seeing my friends and colleagues succeed and move up. Being able to support Austin in the beginning stages of his business – that’s what it is about for me. I love that he needed more room to grow and expand! I wish him every success.”

Those sentiments are what makes reserving a dedicated desk, meeting room, or private office at My Office & More a smart move. The office space is professional, state-of-the-art, and innovative. Nonetheless, it hasn’t lost its personal touch and exceptional commitment to Member success. Even if that means they eventually move on.

Just ask Austin.

For more information on how ASUN Digital can help you to grow your brand and expand your B2B business model, visit their website or schedule a consultation.

For more information on Lakeland coworking space, virtual offices, or meeting room availability, call the My Office & More team at 863-333-5120.

Connections – A Chance Meeting & Virtual Office Space

Sheila McIlany is not one to miss an open door.

She recognizes opportunities and does whatever it takes to capture them. The character trait has served her well in her successful business and entrepreneurial career, and in her networking efforts. So when a colleague abandoned her on a Lakeland street with a total stranger, she decided to make the most of it. A walk to the post office with Kate Lake helped to shape her company’s Florida expansion.

Seeing a Need, Finding a Niche

Sheila knows quite a bit about tracking inventory working with the largest accounting firms and corporations in America. Her experiences proved to her that not only were assets often lost and unaccounted for, but that her clients could be liable for their lapses in tracking.

Sheila developed IPM Asset Solutions, based in Houston, Texas. The company utilizes radio frequency identification (RFID) technology and software. This technology connects the back office and front end with asset tracking and reporting. The service is desperately needed and in many cases provides a positive ROI within a year. However, educating organizations has been an uphill battle. “I can prove the cost benefit”, Sheila shares. “But it requires a shift in the corporation’s thinking, their way of doing things. People are naturally resistant to change.” That hasn’t stopped Sheila, though. She is a strong believer in staying in the public eye, business networking, and empowering other business women.

In fact, it was her decade long affiliation and sponsorship of women’s empowerment event Go for the Greens which inadvertently led her to My Office & More.

Cancelled Event Led to Lakeland Virtual Office Space

Sheila lives and works in Houston and Wyoming. She would visited Florida once per year for the annual Go for the Greens event – and, she admits with a smile – to have an excuse to go to Walt Disney World. During her trips, she began to notice the dynamic business environment which the region offered.  Soon she landed a few key clients for her RFID system. Sheila determined it was time to set up a presence in the Sunshine State, but was wholly disappointed with the virtual office and coworking options she found in Tampa and Orlando.

It was walking through Lakeland where she found her answer. Her annual event cancelled for weather, she met a colleague for lunch at a favorite restaurant downtown. He spotted Kate Lake, owner of My Office & More, and introduced the two on the sidewalk, saying “you should get to know one another.” With that, he left the two women alone. Sheila quickly learned that Kate had been signed up to attend the very event she sponsored, and a friendship was born. But this association is far more than a friendship. 

“My Office & More is a rare, hidden gem,” Sheila says. “Kate is brilliant, and funny, and remarkably creative with how she approaches business – and one of the best people I have ever met.” The Lakeland workspace Kate had developed was equally impressive. Sheila immediately established a virtual office. It not only affords her state-of-the-art business features and meeting space when she is in Florida, but serves as a bona fide office location for her business. The My Office & More team often coordinates local resources prior to Sheila’s arrival, from catering to printing.  Clients can walk in and speak to an administrative staff familiar with IPM Asset Solutions. “This is not just renting space”, Sheila shares. “It is having a Florida-based team to help me run my company successfully. And the rates, quite frankly, are unbelievable.”

Solutions for Every Business

Whether your small business is in need of a place to hold your meetings and seminars – or like Sheila you are looking for a local office with dedicated staff – My Office & More is the place to be in Lakeland. Kate has created a business work environment which provides more than trendy space. It’s more than state-of-the-art capabilities. And it’s more than providing solutions for your organization, no matter how small. She has created a business solution with heart and a commitment to your excellence. And that makes all the difference.

Just ask Sheila.

For more information on IPM Asset Solutions, visit their website or call Sheila at (713) 562-2374.
For more information on virtual office space, meeting rooms in Lakeland, and the most creative office solutions in the region, call the
My Office & More team at 863-333-5120.

Connections – Software & Lakeland Meeting Rooms

Dave Kramer is a self-admitted serial entrepreneur with a taste for success.

The California native has spent his life building many profitable businesses.  A business coach at heart, Dave thrives on helping small business owners grow their companies and manage all facets of their operations. His latest business and passion is AllProWebTools, a workflow software company which he started in 2009.

AllProWebTools Finds a New Home

Two years ago, Dave was looking to fulfill a dream of his own and move to Florida. He began looking for a small-business-friendly community. After exploring Orlando for a short time, Dave discovered the smaller, tightly-knit community of Lakeland. He felt the downtown area and the business networking atmosphere it provided would be the perfect new base of operations for AllProWebTools.

AllProWebTools was born in a familiar way.  One of Dave’s business coaching clients had a software development need and Dave wrote the code to solve the problem. The client loved it so much, they began to add additional functional features. Soon, Dave realized that this dynamic software product, built largely on user feedback, would be a great product for other small companies. The business was on its way!

AllProWebTools provides comprehensive software for small businesses to manage everything from email marketing to customer management (CRM). Solutions include tools for increasing sales and productivity. Aids for enhancing operations such as shipping, time cards, and payroll are also included.  The software empowers business owners to have complete control of their operations which sets businesses up for faster growth.

This “business in a box” gives entrepreneurs the powerful software tools they need on a scale designed just for them with a reasonable price point to match. And one of the most remarkable differences with AllProWebTools is the personal support that is available.  Customers connect with support specialists through built-in video conferencing and screensharing technology.

The My Office & More Connection

Dave met My Office & More’s owner Kate Lake at a local business networking event. “She was so friendly and easy to talk to,” Dave says. “I rarely meet someone so accommodating, willing to share her space and her vision with open arms.” Dave remembers walking through the downtown Lakeland workspace with amazement. “It was clear the immense amount of work which had gone into the retrofitting of the office space, ” he recalls. “The attention to detail was incredible.” Between their personal business connection and the appeal of the facility, Dave knew that he had found something special. Kate did as well, as she eventually  opted to move her business onto the AllProWebTools platform.  She has been thrilled with the way the software tools have helped her business to grow.

In additional to maintaining a corporate mailing address at My Office & More, Dave uses the Lakeland meeting rooms for educational and networking events. His annual launch party was held in March 2019 in the first floor meeting rooms. “Kate allowed us to completely transform the space and it was an awesome event.”

Meeting Room Before Decorations

Meeting Room After Decorations

Dave and Kate are kindred spirits in a way – both committed to the success of small business and local business people. And you will find that entrepreneurial, networking spirit permeates throughout My Office & More.

Just ask Dave.

Ready to Jump Start Your Small Business?

For more information on workflow software for small business, visit AllProWebTools or text 970-612-1515.

For more information on virtual offices, Lakeland meeting rooms, or office space for rent in Lakeland, contact the My Office & More team at (863) 333-5120 or visit us at 122 E. Main Street in Lakeland. While you are there, be sure to visit Divicious Deli and Coffee Shop located just downstairs – you won’t be sorry!

Connections – A Local Meeting Room and Personal Financial Freedom

After 30 years in corporate America, Neva Smith saw too many people receive pink slips.

Neva knew all too well that it didn’t matter how hard someone had worked.  Nor did it matter how much they had invested in their jobs.  Everything could come to an end with one piece of paper. That’s why after her official retirement, Neva began to look for a way to help people to find their Plan B and to learn to support themselves. The New Jersey native turned Floridian tried several businesses before she found the perfect vehicle for her desire to help people succeed.

Neva Smith

The Answer was iMarketsLive.com

“My main goal and purpose is to help others succeed – to educate, empower and train as many people as possible. I give them the opposite of a pink slip,” Neva shares.

Neva trains individuals on the basics of trading on the FOREX (foreign exchange) markets. Through her affiliation with iMarketsLive, she helps people to earn while they learn. She provides the online and phone tools they need to make informed decisions and evaluate their trades. Eventually, they support themselves and create independent income. iMarketsLive has over 100 training videos online. They offer basic-to-advanced training modules to learn how to master the market. And they provide FOREX and cryptocurrency education.

“We provide online training, videos and online courses”, says Neva. “But I have always been a big believer in looking people in the eye, shaking their hands, and answering their questions.” For this reason, Neva decided to hold training sessions in her home.  But as the business grew, it became evident that she needed to find a facility with meeting rooms to hold her ever-growing educational seminars.

A Local Meeting Room Expands Her Reach

“A realtor in Lakeland told me about My Office & More”, said Neva. “I visited and absolutely loved the facility – it had everything I needed to hold my training sessions. The AV equipment and televisions on both sides of the room allow me to present the material clearly and effectively; and the two smaller breakout rooms work perfectly for more private conversations. The setup is just great.”

Neva was impressed with the convenient downtown location and the professional atmosphere. Indeed, these qualities are important for her weekly meetings, which now host as many as 40 people per event. Furthermore, she mentions that much of the charm of My Office & More lies in the warm hospitality of owner Kate Lake, who shares Neva’s dedication to the success of those who come through her doors.

Like Neva, Kate takes a personal interest in every person who comes to her for information and assistance. My Office & More is more than coworking space, more than a local meeting room or a private desk – it is a place to come and share ideas, strategize solutions, and achieve more and more success.

Just ask Neva.

Don’t Wait Another Day

For more information on iMarketsLive, FOREX trading and Neva’s next training session, contact Neva at NevaFSmith@aol.com, or call her directly at (732) 397-8301.

For more information on how My Office & More can help your business to grow, contact the team at (863) 333-5120 or visit us at 122 E. Main Street in Lakeland. We’ll provide the Patriot Coffee.

Connections – Catering, Valet Services & Meeting Space

No one will ever accuse Zach Gilmore of waiting for success to come his way.

To the contrary, this energetic and driven local entrepreneur currently runs two successful businesses, and is working on rolling out two additional ventures in 2020. As his aspirations and influence have grown, so has his need for local meeting space and creative virtual office solutions.

meeting space

Zach in one of his favorite meeting spots – the Media Room

BTB Catering and Lakeland Valet

BTB Catering began in 2001 when I set up a grill by the side of the road, and started selling barbecue to people driving by,” Zach shares.  Now 18 years and 30 delicious awards later, the business provides exceptional food for weddings, business meetings and local networking events throughout Polk County and across the state of Florida. But as impressive as the growth has been, Zach was not done building his professional portfolio.

When he took ownership of Lakeland Valet, a 30-year-old parking management company, he was committed to continuing and exceeding the organization’s reputation for excellence.  It was through his desire to expand corporate clientele that he first crossed paths with Kate at My Office & More.  “I wanted to present a professional image which more accurately reflected the high standards of my organization”, Zach says. “Meeting at the local coffee shop was no longer a good option for us.”

Zach approached My Office & More in order to hold a business meeting with the Lakeland Magic, a Lakeland Valet client.  The facility provided gave him the ability to meet his clientele in a formal, yet friendly, setting.

The coworking space allows him to present his business plan in a corporate environment, utilizing quality A/V equipment and TV screens, and to project the professional image he was looking for.  The Lakeland workspace functions as both a virtual office with a commercial mailing address and a tangible place to meet with clients.

More than Meeting Space

Owner Kate Lake is a big part of the benefit of using meeting space at the Main Street facility.

“Kate pays attention to everything you say when you meet with her. Her response to your business needs is thorough and thoughtful”, Zach says.  This is the “more” aspect of  My Office & More.  Not only can you acquire Lakeland workspace, or find an office for rent – but you feel like you have gained a colleague. Kate is omnipresent, helping in whatever capacity she can to make her members successful.  Zach shares that Kate has become a dear friend, even staying for a few late nights to assist with RFPs and proposals, and referring him business when the opportunity arises.

What Does Your Business Need?

My Office & More is the right workplace solution for Zach Gilmore and his growing business empire. If you are looking for a virtual office, Lakeland meeting rooms, or need a private office – we invite you to stop by for a cup of Patriot Coffee and a discussion on how we can help. With so many flexible solutions and options, we are sure that we can find the perfect fit for your business needs.

Just ask Zach.

For more information on wedding and event planning packages, visit BTB Catering
For more information on event parking solutions and valet services, contact Lakeland Valet.

To reserve your private office or meeting space, call the My Office & More team at
(863) 333-5120 or visit us at 122 E. Main Street in Lakeland.

Lakeland Workspace – The Business of Learning

One of the fun aspects about having a Lakeland workspace that supports other businesses is we get to meet lots of different people solving lots of different problems in lots of different ways!

In fact, we’re so fascinated by their stories, we are sharing them here so you can be inspired by them as well.  And who knows – you may get an idea for your own business, or a new contact, along the way.

Why Learn From Other People’s Stories?

Did you know that many people have brought innovations to their business and industry?  They did it by copying an idea or technique from another industry and applying it to their own.  A classic example is how Henry Ford applied the idea of a production line that he saw in a meat packing plant to the assembly of automobiles.

The Most Important Business Skill

If you own your own business, one of the most powerful skills you can build on is curiosity.  For example, instead of ignoring or being frustrated by advertisements from other businesses, study them. Figure out what makes them good or bad, successful or unsuccessful.  Look for an interesting idea or technique used by another business.  Ask yourself if there is a way to apply that idea or technique to your own business.  Who knows – you might innovate a whole new way to do something that makes you a leader in your industry!

Something New, Something Borrowed

At My Office & More, we provide a blank palette.  This way people and businesses create and form their own stories.  New ideas are sparked and birthed through meetings, collaborations, and CONNECTIONS with others. As we interact with businesses in and out of our industries, we feed the seeds of inspiration the nutrients they need to grow into healthy, viable solutions. Then those solutions can take us forward, sometimes into uncharted territory.


But don’t take our word for it – see what our customers have accomplished in our Lakeland workspace!