Because we are a Business Service Center, the following à la carte services are available to everyone – you don’t have to be a Member to get help from us! However, Members receive discounted pricing.

For assistance with these services or for more information, stop by and see our Administrative Assistant on the second floor.

Administrative Assistance
Have you ever struggled with performing a low level administrative task, realizing that your time could be better spent on a task with a better return on your investment of time? Things like stuffing envelopes, entering data, making copies, social media posts, etc. take lots of time that you could be spending on business sales, marketing, and operations.

Hire our staff to do these tasks and free yourself up from the mundane! Our staff does billable work in 15-minute increments so if your task takes just 15 minutes to complete, that’s all you pay!


Coffee for Meetings
We serve locally roasted Patriot Coffee so you get the freshest, best tasting coffee for your meeting attendees. Prices below include sales tax, cups, sweetners, and creamers.

  • 64 oz. Carafe
    (serves 8 – 10 cups)
  • 100 oz. Carafe
    (serves 12 – 15 cups)

We have a business-class, high-speed Canon copier that has a variety of features including stapling and hole punching. Paper sizes include letter, legal, and 11” x 17”. You can bring your document in on your computer, thumb drive, or you can email it to us for printing.

  • Black/White Copy
    $0.10 each
  • Color Copy
    $0.45 each
  • Fax (US)
    $2.00 per fax
  • Fax (Int’l)
    $4.50 per page

Day Pass
If you need a place to work for a day, the Day Pass is just the ticket!  Use a desk during regular business hours and get free access to our high-speed internet.  You can also use the copier/printer at our regular rates (see pricing above).  If an office is available, the Office Day Pass will give you access to an office during regular business hours along with free access to our high-speed internet.

  • Day Pass
  • Office Day Pass
  • Office Hourly Rate

Mail Services
Do you need a business mailing address that gives you a Google location pin at a business building? Look no further! Get one of our boxes and stop advertising your home address! Trying to get a presence on the internet for your business? Choose one of our boxes over a post office box to get ranked higher in Google searches.

Need a solution for seeing your mail when you aren’t able to get to your box? Add our Virtual Mail Service for $10/month. We’ll scan your envelopes to a secure online folder so you know what mail has arrived. If you need access to the contents of an envelope before you can pick it up, email us instructions to open your envelope and we’ll scan the contents to your secure online folder for $1/page. Great solution for monitoring your mail while you are traveling or on vacation.

  • Standard
    Includes a standard mailbox.


  • Deluxe
    Includes a larger mailbox.
  • Virtual Mail
    $10.00/mnth addt’l

If you need a document notarized, give us a call and confirm our notary is available when you want to stop by.  Be sure to bring picture id with you!

  • Notary

Is it time to get rid of your old, sensitive documents? We have an easy solution whether you have a lot of documents or a little.

For a small amount of documents, fill our zippered pouches (approximately 5 lbs. of paper each). For larger amounts, put your documents directly in our locked shredding bins.

  • Per Closed Pouch
  • Per Full Bin
  • 1/4 Bin
  • 1/2 Bin
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