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This is the basic level of Membership and is perfect for those who are “on the go” or who want to work from home.

A Virtual Office is the initial step in establishing a visible presence for your business. First you get a business mailing address that is preferred in Google searches (vs. a mailing address at the US Post Office or a residential address).

Next, your name and your business name are added to the interior business directory located at the front door so that anyone who stops by will see that your business is located here. If you have a visitor ask for you while you are “out of the office”, we will let your guest know that you are not in the office that day and give them a way to reach you based on your provided instructions.

The Virtual Office Membership also includes four days in the office each month where you can work at any available coworking desk with high-speed internet access. This means you can meet your customers and vendors while you are “in the office” and they’ll never know you don’t work here full time, unless you tell them!

Or try our productivity challenge . . . work four days from home and one day at My Office & More. Compare how much you get done in the one day at the office compared to each of the four days you worked at home. We believe you’ll find you are highly productive that one day out of your home office each week.

The Virtual Office Membership is great for anyone needing a way station or a professional place to meet customers without incurring high overhead costs.

Available Length of Memberships:
3 Months, 6 Months, and 12 Months

Monthly Fee Range:
$89 – $103

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