Incredible Opportunity for

Small Businesses to Help Each Other


A Non-Typical Solution for Non-Typical Times

How It Works

It starts with every small business that received a financial grant, monies that don’t have to be paid back.  These businesses extend the power of the grants they received by forgiving the debt of another business.  Next, every business that has debt forgiven can forgive the debt of another small business.

So if Business A receives a grant of $1,000, it forgives the debt of Business B for a sum of up to $1,000.  Business B then forgives the debt of Business C and so on.

Where Did This Idea Come From

The parable summarized at the beginning of the video is from a story that has been widely circulated on the internet.

In the book “Rethinking Money: How New Currencies Turn Scarcity into Prosperity” by Bernard Lietaer and Jacqui Dunne, the authors reprint the tale at the beginning of Chapter 2 indicating the first iteration appeared during the Great Depression.

As an illustration, here’s a post as it was seen on Facebook

While the story has a mocking tone, its valuable elements are the inspiration behind Share It Forward.

What Makes A Company “Fortunate”?

A “fortunate” company is one that either receives a grant – monies that don’t have to be repaid – or has debt forgiven.

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Who Do Fortunate Companies Give Grants To?

Look at the Accounts Receivable – who owes the business money?  From there, decide which company (companies) would benefit the most from a grant.  Possible considerations include:

  • Which company will benefit most from financial assistance?

  • Which company will be encouraged and given hope by getting a grant?

  • Which company will be most likely forgive the debt of another company?

  • Which company provides a customer/public benefit that you believe in?

  • Which would be more effective – 100% to one company or 10% to ten companies?

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What Can A Fortunate Company Do If No One Owes Them Money?

There will be Fortunate Companies who don’t have any Accounts Receivable – customers who owe them money – because they don’t extend credit. Restaurants are a possible example.

In this case, another method is to provide a product or service to a company “on credit”, creating an Accounts Receivable transaction. This entry can then be offset by forgiving the debt.

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The Hidden Benefit?

The companies that receive grants will record grant monies received as income in their financials. PPP grants are not taxable because monies spent on payroll, rent, and utilities won’t be deductible as expenses either. Therefore, it’s easier to think of all grants as taxable income. And debt that is forgiven is also income.

Consequently, the hidden benefit in giving grants is the expense created by the gift will offset the grant income, thereby reducing taxable income.

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How Does The Accounting Work?

When a customer makes a purchase and the company extends credit to the customer:

Accounts Receivable Increases (debit)
Revenue Increases (credit)

Then, when a grant (monies that do not have to be repaid) is received:

Cash/Bank Account Increases (debit)
Grants Received (Other Income) Increases (credit)

Finally, when a grant (monies that don’t have to be repaid) is given:

Grants Given (Other Expense) Increases (debit)
Accounts Receivable Decreases (credit)

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Want to Show Support For This Movement?

Ready to join this movement? If you forgive the debt of at least one other company, you are welcome to download the “Share It Forward” logo and place on your website.

Downloads are on the honor system! If you say you forgave the debt of at least one small business, we’ll believe you!  Please add a link to this page ( so others will know how to Share It Forward!


Who Is Kate?

Kate is a small business owner in beautiful Downtown Lakeland, Florida.

Her business, My Office & More, is a collaborative space where businesses cost-effectively establish a commercial brick and mortar presence.  Offices, work space, and meeting rooms enable connections and relationships that empower businesses and give them opportunities to level up.

Kate created the video and this webpage to help other small businesses find a way to take the blessing of granted monies and extend their power.  In the end, we will offer hope to other small businesses.  All we need to do is SHARE IT FORWARD!