Lakeland Workspace – The Business of Learning

One of the fun aspects about having a Lakeland workspace that supports other businesses is we get to meet lots of different people solving lots of different problems in lots of different ways!

In fact, we’re so fascinated by their stories, we are sharing them here so you can be inspired by them as well.  And who knows – you may get an idea for your own business, or a new contact, along the way.

Why Learn From Other People’s Stories?

Did you know that many people have brought innovations to their business and industry?  They did it by copying an idea or technique from another industry and applying it to their own.  A classic example is how Henry Ford applied the idea of a production line that he saw in a meat packing plant to the assembly of automobiles.

The Most Important Business Skill

If you own your own business, one of the most powerful skills you can build on is curiosity.  For example, instead of ignoring or being frustrated by advertisements from other businesses, study them. Figure out what makes them good or bad, successful or unsuccessful.  Look for an interesting idea or technique used by another business.  Ask yourself if there is a way to apply that idea or technique to your own business.  Who knows – you might innovate a whole new way to do something that makes you a leader in your industry!

Something New, Something Borrowed

At My Office & More, we provide a blank palette.  This way people and businesses create and form their own stories.  New ideas are sparked and birthed through meetings, collaborations, and CONNECTIONS with others. As we interact with businesses in and out of our industries, we feed the seeds of inspiration the nutrients they need to grow into healthy, viable solutions. Then those solutions can take us forward, sometimes into uncharted territory.


But don’t take our word for it – see what our customers have accomplished in our Lakeland workspace!