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Connections: Global Vision & Executive Office Space

Latisha Anderson has encouraged a lot of women in her life.

Having emerged from a difficult upbringing of abuse and self-doubt, this Florida native empowers others through her testimony and story. But looking in the mirror one day, she realized that she hadn’t embraced that encouragement and empowerment in her own life. “Staring myself in the face, I truly saw myself for the first time. And the inspiration hit in a moment.  I had to embrace my own UGLY if I wanted to train others to move on from traumatic experiences.”

EYU is a Movement

While many people teach you to move away from pain, Latisha teaches people to embrace it. “In order to embrace something, you have to bring it in close, really deal with it,” she shares. “I help people to authentically feel pain so they can finally rise above it. ”

UGLY is an acronym, which stands for Unique, Genuine, Love, & (simply) You.  Now a Certified Life Coach and motivational speaker, Anderson guides women in the process of dealing with and releasing the pain which is holding them back in life. But it doesn’t end there.  By the end of her sessions, she challenges women to draw up a plan of action to bring their dreams into reality. In this way, she works towards empowering them, not just motivating them in the moment. And she cheers for them every step of the way. “If a person does not take back their authority as well as their right to envision and bring their own dreams to fruition, they have not been empowered.  They were simply encouraged,” she shares. “We empower people to act and succeed.”

The EYU Vision Goes Global

Latisha and her husband Kevin will soon be embarking on a global journey . . . helping people worldwide to Embrace their UGLY. Through private sessions and group seminars, the Lakeland couple is expanding their positive message of empowerment and responsibility. They work with local governments, group homes, and community centers in diverse countries. Their sessions are free and have no strings attached. They are funded by sponsors who believe in their mission, including Kate Lake of My Office & More.


Lakeland Executive Office Space Becomes Home Base

Kate and Latisha met at a SCORE meeting held at the Lakeland office space, and the two like-minded women quickly became friends. Latisha uses the location as a professional executive office space to meet with clients.  In addition, she enjoys holding workshops with local women in the professional meeting rooms. In fact, she loves the trendy offices and atmosphere so much, both her professional photos and promotional videos were shot on site. As Latisha expands her vision and her reach, the My Office & More administrative team will play an instrumental role.  When Latisha travels from Lakeland to points around the globe, her “team” will manage her mail and communicate important information. In this way, having a local business center presence will allow her to pursue her international scope.

“I was sitting with Kate at My Office & More when I learned I passed my exams and was now a Certified Life Coach,” says Latisha. “Kate – and this place – are an integral part of this journey.”

The Right Meeting Space is a Powerful Resource

If you are a small business owner or entrepreneur with a big vision, you know that presenting the right image is critical. But executive office space and meeting rooms can be expensive, and the process of running your own seminars difficult.  At My Office & More, you’ll find Lakeland coworking space, private offices, and meeting rooms with all the state-of-the art technology you’ll need at affordable rates. But perhaps more importantly, you’ll find yourself among other professionals who support your goals, celebrate your victories, and send you out into the world to succeed even further.

Just ask Latisha.

For more information on EYU, to learn more about sponsorship, international events, or perhaps to speak with them about booking a session, visit their website.

For more information on Lakeland executive offices and meeting rooms for rent, call the My Office & More team at (863) 333-5120 or visit us at 122 E. Main Street in Lakeland.  The Patriot Coffee is on us.