Connections: Conference Rooms & Building Bridges

Chrissanne Long believes great things happen when people come together in community.

Along with her husband Craig Hosking, Chrissanne runs Maximize Digital Media, a full-service digital marketing and web design firm based in Lakeland.  The company works with businesses of all sizes, providing web design and online presence strategies to their diverse client base. Their comprehensive services not only encompass design and SEO, but email services, blog writing, and more. Maximize Digital Media is known for identifying and developing young, talented professionals.  These designers keep designs relevant and effective.

BRIDGE Local Makes a Connection

It Started With Lakeland Business Leaders

Chrissanne not only helps businesses grow online – she helps them connect to the local community.  She and her husband have a heart for connecting people through networking.  They strive to provide opportunities for local business owners to grow and develop as leaders.

In 2010, Chrissanne and Craig founded Lakeland Business Leaders (LBL).  LBL started as a way for businesses to connect with each other and the local community using Facebook.  Having successfully met a significant local need, the group soon grew into a thriving community.  But Chrissanne realized that the online conversations weren’t sufficient to produce the deep connections needed to build the local community.  So LBL supplemented the online conversations with weekly and monthly meeting opportunities where face-to-face relationships were built.  As a result of these efforts, LBL developed fruitful referrals, networking, and collaboration within the local community.

It Grew into BRIDGE Local

In 2019, the group was rebranded to better serve the community and “bridge” gaps among customers, companies, and resources.  Now known as BRIDGE Local, the organization embraces and expands upon the same values as LBL.  And they continue to advocate for  collaboration.  Fundamentally, BRIDGE Local understands that small business and entrepreneurship represent the backbone and strength of Polk County.

BRIDGE is an acronym for Building, Renewing, Inspiring and Developing Generous Entrepreneurship. BRIDGE Local is a fierce advocate for the area’s local entrepreneurs and small businesses, and they found a kindred spirit in My Office & More’s founder, Kate Lake.

More than Conference Rooms

Chrissanne shares that “When My Office & More was about to open, I toured the site and was impressed by what Kate was creating.  It was obvious she shares our desire and vision to support the local business community.”  Consequently, Chrissanne’s team was delighted to have a like-minded space for their annual meeting and team building sessions.

“It’s important to choose a meeting place that has the right atmosphere.  When people are invited into a meeting space, the space communicates the tone and expectations for the meeting even before the attendees sit down.  That’s why we’re careful when we choose a meeting location.  We always want our staff to know how valued and appreciated they are,” says Chrissanne.  “We find this meeting space is welcoming to a broad range of people.  As a result, the diversity enables entrepreneurs to captivate, encourage, and inspire others.”  With this in mind, My Office & More is the perfect professional venue for a variety of member events and meetings.

The Connection Produces Synergy

Not surprisingly, Kate is an enthusiastic member and supporter of BRIDGE Local.

The synergy between the two entrepreneurs is evident.  Kate is known for her enthusiastic support and the camaraderie she shares with her Members.  And Chrissanne continually creates an environment in which the local small business community thrives.

The spirit of collaboration the two women exude is replicated throughout the Lakeland and Polk County business community.  The region attracts and encourages business owners and entrepreneurs who enjoy helping others – even find joy in doing so.

Just ask Chrissanne.

For more information on digital marketing and design services, contact Maximize Digital Media through their website, or call 863-837-4023.

If you want more information about joining BRIDGE Local or attending a network event, visit their website or call (863) 606-5995.

To learn more about renting Lakeland conference rooms, call the My Office & More team at (863) 333-5120 or visit at 122 E. Main Street in Lakeland.