Connections: A Business Startup & Coworking Space

As a Senior Director of Marketing at a Lakeland advertising agency, Austin Cline grew his skill set in a corporate environment. But he’s never lost his entrepreneurial spirit. Austin knew one day he would step out and start his own marketing company.

The vision came to life in 2018 when Austin unveiled ASUN Digital – a digital marketing company specializing in the B2B sphere. He and his team help businesses experience dynamic growth by concentrating on focused brand strategy and web design. “Strategy for business-to-business (B2B) sites is different than business-to-consumer (B2C) sites,” explains Austin. “Today’s market demands that you capture attention, build memorable brands, and cultivate relationships. With this in mind, ASUN Digital partners with companies and helps them to succeed in those efforts.”

It Began in a Lakeland Coworking Space

When Austin first started the company, he knew he could work from his kitchen table. But he decided that he wanted to be in a creative environment, around other entrepreneurs. Instead of isolating himself at home, he wanted to find a space where he could have all of the amenities of a professional office. In addition, he wanted the opportunity to collaborate with other business-minded individuals.

Austin had experience working with My Office & More in his previous position at the ad agency. They had contracted with the provider when they needed some extra desks and meeting space for a team to work. Because Austin was familiar with the building, the features, and amenities, he knew that the entrepreneurial environment of the space would make the perfect first office for ASUN Digital.

“When you start up a new business on your own, things can seem foreign. You can feel a bit lost,” Austin admitted. “By choosing to have a dedicated desk in a Lakeland coworking space, I surrounded myself with local business people on the same journey. It was a highly conducive work environment and was a great choice for my new company.”

The Growth of ASUN Digital

Within months, Austin and his wife decided to join their two independent companies into one. As a result, the team immediately needed to hire additional personnel. The company was growing, and it was time to move out of the My Office & More space and into a larger Lakeland office. “To this day, Kate will send referrals to me. Being in this cool workspace was a great experience. I recommend it to anyone looking for a local place to network, collaborate, and succeed,” Austin adds.

Kate Lake, owner of My Office & More, shared her insight regarding Austin’s success and his move away from the facility. “The people who come here to work are like a family to me. It’s great seeing my friends and colleagues succeed and move up. Being able to support Austin in the beginning stages of his business – that’s what it is about for me. I love that he needed more room to grow and expand! I wish him every success.”

Those sentiments are what makes reserving a dedicated desk, meeting room, or private office at My Office & More a smart move. The office space is professional, state-of-the-art, and innovative. Nonetheless, it hasn’t lost its personal touch and exceptional commitment to Member success. Even if that means they eventually move on.

Just ask Austin.

For more information on how ASUN Digital can help you to grow your brand and expand your B2B business model, visit their website or schedule a consultation.

For more information on Lakeland coworking space, virtual offices, or meeting room availability, call the My Office & More team at 863-333-5120.