Is Your Business Leaking $$$?


When you understand business bookkeeping systems, you can learn how to
make your money work for you!

Let me tell you a story. 🙂

It turns out there’s a hidden charge in my credit card processing agreement.
If I don’t perform a quarterly test by the end of the quarter, there is a significant monthly penalty until I do.

Without a system to compare and check the merchant fees on a monthly basis,
this fee was hidden – invisible, ready to strike again.
My new system will save me hundreds of dollars every year!

It takes processes and systems to avoid spending a lot of extra money.

I was frustrated with the lack of understandable resources for business owners, like you, to help manage your most important business asset – your money.
And that’s why I created this course!

  • Map out your business finances
  • Save money every year
  • Control your finances, so you can truly make YOUR money work for YOU! 

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Did you know?

  • Fees can be avoided by having processes and systems in place.
  • Your bookkeeping system can alert you if you get a duplicate bill – keeping you from sending a duplicate payment.
  • A good bookkeeping system will help you see into the future and show you if you’ll have enough cash when you’ll need it the most!

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Create your own map and gain control over your company’s future.

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Topics Explained Include:

  • The core of every bookkeeping system – the Chart of Accounts.  See how business numbers are organized.
  • Getting Paid and Keeping Score – Accounts Receivable / Invoice Management
  • Buying and Paying for Stuff – Accounts Payable
  • Watching Your Cash – Cash Flow Management/Reconciling Accounts
  • Handling Employees … and the State & Federal Governments
  • Sales Tax and Other Business Taxes
  • What the Balance Sheet and Income Statement Tell You
  • And Much More!!!!!!

3 Consecutive Wednesdays

April 15

April 22

April 29

6 – 8 p.m.

Total of 6 Hours


Meet Kate Lake

Kate Lake

Kate knows the difficulty of navigating financial waters.  As a succcessful small business owner, she had to learn new skills that added on to her previous dozen years’ experience as a chief financial officer for small- to medium-sized businesses.  After getting her MBA from Florida Southern College with an Accounting emphasis, she became an adjunct teacher in their evening accounting program.

Kate helps other business owners keep more money in their pockets so they can thrive and do what THEY do best.

Let me show you the path that leads to the financial future you want.